Connecting Innovations

DIDCOM is an engineering and technological development company, focused on offering technological solutions in the areas of electronic engineering, communication infrastructures, software development and specialized products for the industry and the motor transport sector.

Our strengths are in:

  • Conceptualization of requirements
  • Flexibility and Development Creativity
  • Agile communication dynamics
  • Efficiency in the organization of work
  • Results according to requirement

We have two key points in our organization, which we never lose sight of:

1) Never stop Innovate.

2) Serve our customers in a personalized way.

We are passionate about promoting a culture of innovation that improves the operation of the productive chain, through designs, developments and integrations of electronic computing systems.

Our history

DIDCOM, a Mexican company located in the north of the country, in the desert state of Sonora, began in 2008 dedicated to provide GPS technology services for the transport sector, then began to devise technological solutions that complement the vehicle location.

The meaning of DIDCOM is composed of 3 words, "Digital Dynamic Communications" that describe the vision of our company to build communication platforms that dynamically and according to the needs of each client, generate useful information for decision making.

During the first years, we learned to identify the origin of the operative problem that was required to solve by our clients, this is where we detected our area of growth and consolidation opportunity, by creating specific technological solutions for each situation.

Gradually DIDCOM begins to expand internally, creating new areas of research and development in Electronic Engineering and Software Design, with the firm purpose of developing products and services that have two essential characteristics: "Flexibility" and "Integration" with the main foundation. to grow the level of the technological solution as it was required.

We have evolved as a company according to the achievements we have had, this has offered us a sustainable growth at the level of organization and infrastructure.

More than 10 years since our inception, DIDCOM develops advanced technology solutions which are marketed internationally, having a great acceptance by users, following the formula that has opened the doors to us since our inception: customize technological solutions according to requirements specific.


  • We are at the forefront in technological advances in telemetry.
  • We encourage the imagination and creativity of our team.
  • We provide optimal and efficient solutions to market needs, achieving your total satisfaction.
  • We surprise our clients through excellent service and attention.
  • We maintain an intelligent, transparent and efficient resource management that allows the growth and multiplication of these.
  • We offer our human capital tools and constant training for their personal, integral and professional development.


We are world leaders in cutting-edge telematics solutions specialized in transport.


At DIDCOM, dynamism, capacity, effort, professionalism and above all teamwork have always been valued to generate and apply new knowledge that allows us to offer high quality technological products and services, but the most important thing that we always highlight. They are our values, which will always be the basis of our principles as a company.





Integrity & Loyalty