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TRANSPAIS over the last few years has implemented a variety of technological solutions in its bus fleet, which are aimed at providing information to different areas of the company to make the operation more efficient, which is received at its monitoring center specialized.

These solutions are integrated into a telemetry platform that concentrates the data and shows diversity of information through different independent modules, which offer the visualization of results in a detailed way.

Given the constant search for improvement to offer a better service to customers, and make operational decisions in a faster and more informed way, TRANSPAIS asks us for a comprehensive development proposal to visualize all the operational information in a simple way and at a single view, this through boards showing different indicators and reflecting the status of the operation in real time.

All the information of the different solutions was concentrated in different databases, this implied making various optimizations in the way of consulting the information and displaying it at a single view, regardless of where the information was housed.

“A friendly interface was needed, which will integrate hundreds of thousands of data continuously”

A detailed analysis of the different solutions was carried out, and the number of boards to be developed and how they could be integrated to provide results according to the different areas of the business were determined.

Different computer services had to be created to exchange data between applications and concentrate the results, thus displaying information in a fast, dynamic and real-time way, to keep the indicators on the different boards updated.

Given this need, didcom involved 2 development areas, which were responsible for designing the architecture and functionality of each of the operating boards.

1. Systems Analysis and Technical Support
2. Software Design and Analysis Specialist

This project definitely represented a great challenge, since its main objective was to select, process and integrate hundreds of thousands of data continuously to present results that will show the status of the operation, and mainly detect incidents that will affect customer service.

The solution

Seven comprehensive operating dashboards were developed, which are accessible through the telemetry platform, each interpreting the information for a specific purpose and at the same time intercommunicating with each other to interpret the data from a different perspective, creating a multifunctional intelligent system and multipurpose, intuitive for the user and with the ability to be programmable and scalable to the needs of TRANSPAIS.

Operation GPS

  • Status and comparative operation of units: driving, idling, stops, lags, no connection
  • Operating Heat Maps
  • Integration to third-party system information that provides information on: run (origin-destination), route, kilometers traveled, driver information

Failure Engine Codes

Fault Code Identification:

  • Unity
  • Bus Manufacturer brand
  • Type of fault
  • Fault origin
  • Priority level

Temperature Sensors

  • General comfort status by fleet
  • Comfort detail per unit
  • Sensor monitoring with identification of ranges inside and outside the operating area
  • Identification of minimum, average and maximum temperatures, by sensor zone
  • Graphs and log of behavior by sensor

Productivity Indicators

  • Operation and mileage compliance, against budget and goal
  • Productivity percentage of kilometers traveled accumulated per day
  • Status of work orders made in workshop
  • Identification of work orders made by types of services
  • Times of stay of units in workshop
  • Integration with internal maintenance system as a complement

Operational Indicators

  • Comparison and statistics of failures and incidents in the operation accumulated at 12 months
  • Information breakdown and recurrences by fleet, system, type of failure, business unit
  • Integration with internal operating tracking system.

Rules and Exceptions

  • Identification and categorization of exceptions
  • Priority level
  • Indicative kpi per unit

About Transpais

TRANSPAIS, a company with more than 80 years of experience dedicated to serving in the field of passenger transport, has routes in the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí and Veracruz, through different service options. It also offers bus rental for tourism, industrial and urban transport, as well as parcel service. It has a fleet of more than 1,000 units and a work team of more than 3,400 employees.

TRANSPAIS is a leading company that is distinguished by its focus on service, and its constant effort to provide trust and security, including constant innovation and direct customer service, with the spirit of "Bringing people together."

Being always at the forefront of technology is a constant for TRANSPAIS, which is why it has a standard of modernity and security that makes your trip a unique experience.

Better by Bus, Better by TRANSPAIS

Results that transcend

With the implementation of this project it is possible to cover several points, the main one being to have a clear vision of the operation in a visual, simple and efficient way, detecting incidents and opportunities.

The reaction and response time to an eventuality or consultation has also been considerably improved, improving decision making and increasing the effectiveness of the operation by printing dynamism, flexibility and speed of information.

Undoubtedly, this implementation has generated a series of benefits on a large scale and for different levels of the organization, both for the operational and managerial areas, as well as for the management, which directly impact on the improvement of the business and customer service.

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