We develop customized technology solutions

DIDCOM offers the international market complete solutions of Hardware, Software and Firmware, backed with custom support and more than 10 years of experience, time in which we have managed to obtain a series of patents that legitimize our level of innovation.

We continuously seek to improve our theoretical and practical skills to offer quality technological products and services, which encourage our competitiveness and achieve our goals in a satisfactory manner..



We specialize in strengthening the functions of monitoring the condition of vehicle fleets, their drivers and engines, when designing developments that allow reduce costs, improve efficiency operational, analyze the different problems, detect trends in faults of components, replace corrective maintenance with predictive maintenance, predict user satisfaction, among other points of interest.

Our work methodology

Our technological developments are focused on capitalizing business decisions, implementing strategies and measuring the operation, all with the purpose of generating added value in the interpretation of information to facilitate operational decisions in a dynamic and simple way.