Remote Status Control

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Our solution of Remote Actuators is a tool to activate or deactivate (I / O) any accessory or transport device safely and remotely, controlling the use of functions such as:

  • Ignition of Motor
  • Electric Locks
  • Air conditioner compressor
  • Cellular Modem Wi-Fi
  • Specific function (Other)

Likewise, it allows you to have two actuators in the same solution. This is very useful, since there are situations where it is necessary to apply 2 steps to perform an action safely. (example, engine shutdown is recommended first decelerate the unit and once it is without speed apply the ignition cut)


Through the platform you can automate the instructions of (I / O) to comply with any exception or business rule, (always requiring the human factor to authorize the instruction)

This solution is interconnected to a GPS device, so it allows you to visualize the location when generating the instruction, as well as controlling 2 actuators independently. Before each instruction, a password is requested from the user and then a token, measures with which good use and security is guaranteed

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Remote Control Actuators

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