Passenger Identification

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Our passenger Identifier solution is developed and oriented for the monitoring and control of the industrial and student passage, which registers the passenger each time approaches or descends from the vehicle unit, linking this data with the GPS positioning, this information is transferred in real time and in turn notify the interested party (Client or Family).

The main objective of this solution is to provide the security that the passenger approaches and descends from the transport in the corresponding geographical points according to the service contract.

Our Passenger Identifier solution is integrated with a GPS device, so that all the traceability of passenger transport is georeferenced and notified in real time.


With our Passenger Identifier solution you will be able to measure and control the capacity that uses the vehicular transport services.

  • Certainty and control of user assistance to the plant or school (notification that the passenger is already on board the unit)
  • Use of the contracted service
  • Ascent and descent information (Date - Time and location)
  • Information about the unit in which the user is traveling
  • Control to collect fees for the use of the transport service
  • Reports of travel logs per passenger. (Unit - Date - Position - Route)
  • Integration with third-party systems

Each user who hires the ticket service is provided with his Id card, which contains a unique identifier that is related to the user's personal information, so that each time the Id card is read, it will be possible to have travel information of the passenger, and at the same time notify the contractor of the service.

In the case that the industry or school already has cards, these can be integrated into the solution, and use them for this purpose. (For this, protocol compatibility with the reader will be verified)

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Passenger Identification

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