Trailer Identification

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The main functionality of our Trailer Id solution is to locate and identify the trailer connected to the tractor in a fast and simple way, in order to obtain a traceability of use and a specific logistics for the trailers and avoid coupling errors.

Incorrectly coupling a trailer to a tractor other than the one indicated is a common theme in large freight companies and represents a big problem at different levels with the end customer, especially in the economic field.

With Trailer Id, you can have information in real time of the location, date and time of the coupling and verification of the Id of the trailer assigned to the tractor. In case of detecting a difference between the assigned Id and the connected Id, the area responsible will be notified automatically to avoid the trip and correct the situation. (To do this, it is necessary to connect to the client's property assignment system)


The location of the trailer is determined by the GPS device connected to the tractor, so all the travel activity recorded by the geolocation device will be assigned to the trailer that is currently coupled.

  • Display of routes and operation history
  • Logs with date and location of Couplings / Decoupling
  • Travel logs of each Trailer with the corresponding assignment of the tractor
  • Mileage traveled by Trailer
  • Programming of scheduled maintenance according to the use
  • Monitoring and precise control over the operation of each trailer
  • Integration with third-party systems

Trailer Id does not require an additional installation between the tractor and the trailer, the same original infrastructure of the electrical wiring is used to carry out the transfer of information between both parties, this is possible to the specialized technology developed by DIDCOM in transferring information through the power lines, using communication protocols named "PLC - Power Line Communications".

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Trailer Identification

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