Mobility and Fleet Management

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The GPS Tracking solution that DIDCOM offers, helps you to have all the information of your business vehicles to take control of them wherever you are. Know the location and behavior of your fleet in Real Time and everything related to any vehicle in your business, regardless of size or the turn of your company.

It is one of the most advanced systems in this technological area, since different factors are taken into account for the registration of routes, such as changes of direction, accelerations, abrupt stops, speed increases and operation times, all this to achieve a High level of detail in daily trips.

The decision making based on the different types of reports obtained is a guarantee of considerable benefits, which will be directly reflected in the logistics of the operation of the fleet and in the improvement of driving habits.


Our system shows you in a detailed and specific way the actions carried out by the vehicles in time ranges and geographic location, and provides clear answers about why the behavior performed by any unit in a specific place and at a specific time.

  • Activities
  • Travel Logs and tripos
  • Visits to Clients
  • Congregation of Units
  • Route Assignment and Compliance
  • Punctuality Records
  • Rules and Exceptions

Among many others.

All the information that is consulted from the platform, can be the basis for developments and integrations of third-party systems that are proprietary to the client, or to create new modules for specific solutions.

  • Punctuality indicators
  • Productivity indicators "Planned Vs Realized"
  • Route compliance indicators
  • Measurement of Times, Frequencies and Route Cycles
  • Others..

DIDCOM is an official distributor of Geotab Inc., the world leader and the world's largest provider of GPS technology, offering the most sophisticated fleet management solutions in the world, which helps organizations develop company-wide management policies to improve the behavior, operation, safety and productivity of the vehicle fleet and drivers.

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