Fuel Performance

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DIDCOM offers a solid solution in the analysis and interpretation of the Fuel Consumption and Performance measurement, with which you can obtain a detailed overview of the efficiency or deficiency in the operation, either by driving issues or mechanical details.

The fuel efficiency, in the vast majority of cases, is directly proportional to an excess of RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), so it is very important to monitor this data to know the current operating reality, so that there is no increase in fuel consumption in an accelerated way or that the engine behaves inefficiently.

Also, parameters such as idle times, speed, sudden braking, mechanical damage, lack of maintenance, to name a few, are responsible for a higher fuel consumption than the vehicle unit should have.

For such reasons, fleet management should have special attention to issues of operation, driving and vehicle status.


  • Fuel savings of up to 19%
  • Reduced wear of mechanical parts
  • Reduction of accident rates
  • Driving efficiency
  • Greater efficiency in the fleet

DIDCOM, through the various sources of information it uses to collect data in its electronic interfaces and GPS device, initially focuses on detecting and parameterizing the operation indexes, in order to subsequently provide results of the driving variables that are specific they are affecting or benefiting the fuel consumption and performance, this in turn will establish measurement and comparison references throughout the fleet,, it will be possible to evaluate and standardize the operating ranges, and detect any anomalies that may arise.

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