Temperature Monitoring

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Temperature monitoring is essential to keep a detailed control and avoid fines and waste of food or other loads in the cold chain, therefore with DIDCOM technology, it facilitates obtaining in detail the information of the entire trip, reducing the risk and considerably increasing the return on investment.

It will also be complying with the Law on the Modernization of Food Safety (FSMA) and good practices for the distribution of pharmaceutical products.


Through DIDCOM technology, you can obtain greater profitability by monitoring the temperature of the cargo transported, since you will have supervision of the cold chain.

  • Control over the transported cargo
  • Detail of records of the cold chain during the trip
  • Reduction of fines and rejection of merchandise
  • Elimination of costs due to deterioration claims
  • Reduced fuel consumption by monitoring the unit's operating status

Establish a monitoring automation and linked notifications in each record with real-time GPS information for decision making:

  • Detailed logs with each of the records
  • Alert configuration for the monitoring center and for the driver
  • Notifications to the final client with management report of the cargo tracking
  • Notifications to the driver to react to any alert during the trip

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Temperature Monitor

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