VOLKS | MAN Telematics

Digital transformation and telematic services offer of Volkswagen Truck & Bus México for the Mexican market.

As of 2014, Volkswagen Truck & Bus México makes Didcom® technology available to its customers as an after-sales solution, which has allowed establishing a joint working relationship to identify and solve specific requirements.

Didcom developed the Comprehensive Telematics Solution for Volkswagen and MAN brands in Mexico, promoting connectivity and digitization in fleet management.

Highly specialized development

We require the collaboration of various areas of technology at Didcom® at each stage of the process to guarantee functional, physical and logical interaction with the technology of the manufacturer Volkswagen Truck & Bus Mexico.

Technological understanding

Extensive knowledge of the electronic structure and configuration of the manufacturer so as not to generate any type of intrusion that affects the operation or violates the vehicle's warranty.

Product development at hardware and software level to monitor the operation in detail and act autonomously in case of an operation outside the optimal ranges.

Results that transcend

Volkswagen Truck & Bus Mexico has found in Didcom® a strategic partner to offer customization of solutions, a key value offering for the market.

In 2018, a contract was signed between MAN Truck & Bus México and Didcom to supply and incorporate VOLKS | MAN Telematics as OEM in the high-end bus and truck sector, starting in 2021, the VW Delivery line is added as part of this strategy, with the plan of incorporating the short-term solution to the rest of the models manufactured.

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