The right information at the right time!

We help you have valuable information about your fleet in a simplified and timely manner so that you can take advantage of it for the benefit of your operation, defining operational and business indicators.

At Didcom we have the experience and engineering potential to work with macro volumes of fleet data to process, extract and capture valuable data in a simple and user-friendly way to support decision making.

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Data Analysis

Get the most out of the information!

Valuable support to make intelligent decisions, improve fleet operation,
generate savings and ensure customer satisfaction.

We are experts in Big Data processes

A team of engineers with the experience and mastery of tools for
the management and processing of large volumes of information

Valuable information, focused on specific objectives that ensure timely decisions.

The interpretation of information is truly valued when tangible and intangible benefits are reflected.

With the associated benefits and objectives, an organization can quantify and analyze the potential value of the operation over time.

Data Architecture

Data Science

Data Analysis

Wide expansion capacity!

Expand the potential of your fleet data with the design and training of algorithms to identify patterns that allow you to detect valuable information for the safety, operation and profitability of the business.

Our team of experts combines deep knowledge of Big Data technology with a precise understanding of the unique challenges fleet management companies face.

  • Smart models
  • Pattern Identification
  • Convert data into knowledge
  • Valuable information
  • Digital transformation
  • Business Intelligence

Benefits of Big Data Integration in Fleet Management

In a world where information is power, harnessing the potential of Big Data has become a crucial competitive advantage for companies looking to optimize their fleet operations. This revolutionary technology is transforming fleet management and offering new insights for efficiency and informed decision making.

Route Optimization

Use predictive analytics to identify the most efficient routes, minimizing travel times and operating costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor the status of your vehicles in real time and predict mechanical problems before they occur, avoiding unplanned downtime.

Costs Reduction

Identify fuel consumption patterns, tire wear and other factors to make informed decisions that reduce operating costs.

Costs Reduction

Analyze driver behavior to improve road safety and encourage more efficient driving habits.

Informed Decision Making

Access real-time reporting and analysis that supports strategic and operational decision-making.

The future of data is now!

Begin your company evolution by converting data into a
strategic resource for making intelligent and timely decisions

Centro de Atención Didcom

CAD is the Didcom Service Center dedicated to providing a comprehensive and personalized solution for Motor Transport Companies that require specialized support in Fleet Management on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.

CAD focuses on analyzing the operation of your fleet with a team of experts dedicated to identifying and reporting anomalies and opportunities with specific protocols to improve the performance of your vehicles and increase business profitability, through five specialized divisions:

We help you optimize your vehicle fleets

Tell us what you need and we will provide you with the most appropriate solution.