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Improving safety on our roads

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Cameras for cargo and passenger vehicles are essential to detect risky habits of the driver behind the wheel such as cell phone use or smoking, if he is too close to other vehicles or if he shows any signs of possible fatigue, helping to reduce risk and better train their drivers.

Technology Video Telematics

Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence

Observe, analyze and anticipate! Detection of poor and risky driving habits, generating audio alerts to drivers in real time, allowing them to correct their behavior promptly, avoiding incidents.

Configuring alerts based on operator behavior

Phone use

Seatbelt use


Food and beverages

Distracted driving

Setting up and capturing
exceptions on video

The cameras integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can predict imminent collisions and send instant feedback with in-cabin alerts, giving drivers enough reaction time to correct and avoid accidents.

Get an in-depth look at the scope and capabilities of what you can achieve with our Video Telematics solution,an industry-leading range of cameras that are easy to install, easy to use and fully platform-integrated.

Solution benefits

Greater operation visibility

Driving habits monitoring

Feedback and training

HD video evidence

Real-time notifications

Live capture playbacks

Trip and map level visualization

Evidence sharing
by event

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Lytx® harnesses the power of video and data to enable fleets to improve safety, efficiency and productivity. Trusted by +4,800 fleets logging billions of miles around the world each year, it contributes to a vast and ever-growing database of driving data that we use to refine the accuracy and effectiveness of our solutions.

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