Patented solutions

Our patents represent a large part of our mission to transform trucking companies through innovation, development and integration of technologies.

Telemetry System for Traceability and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases for Diesel Vehicles - Folio. 367020

Monitoring and measuring the emission of pollutants, based on fuel consumption, in order to help Transportation Companies in complying with the required regulations.

Automated Temperature and Service Failure Monitoring System using a CAN Network applied to Passenger Transport Vehicles - Folio. 372518

Automated system that uses temperature sensors located at strategic points within a passenger transport vehicle, which collect information from the environment and send it to a master card using a CAN network and a specifically designed protocol.

Preventive Monitoring and Protection Module for Vehicle Engines - Folio. 357017

Our solution monitors motor parameters within specific operating ranges to notify and act on conditions that could affect the integrity of the motor in order to protect it. Making it possible to take a protection action before a fault code occurs.

Vehicle CAN Protocol Registration System and its Process - Folio. 372517

Automated system for continuous verification of certain parameters in different vehicle components, in order to carry out preventive actions that avoid excessive wear of said components, achieving preventive maintenance of the vehicle.

Patented solutions to optimize your vehicle fleets

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