Smart Lock is integrated by an intelligent lock with a heavy-duty design and technology that receives remote closing and opening signals, transmitting its status to the platform for real-time monitoring.

Smart Lock integrates GPS for tracking valuable assets and is unlockable using RFID, BLE, OTA and SMS commands.

Status monitoring

Closings and openings
Event log

Location record
Motion alerts

Battery level status
Network coverage range

Addin Smart Lock Manager

Solution monitoring and management

he Smart Lock solution integrates its own Smart Lock Manager addin on the MyGeotab platform, dedicated to monitoring and managing the status of smart locks.

Provides location update from 3 seconds with the ability to save up to 60,000 GPS points without network coverage.


4G, LTE, 2G network
BLE 5.1 ​​compatibility

FOTA Updates
Solar energizable

Robust construction
Long duration battery

IP67 waterproof
FCC, IC, CE certification




Agile implementation on multiple door systems

Smart Lock is designed for tracking valuable assets outdoors and is compatible with multiple door systems on trucks, trailers, containers, etc.

It incorporates a solar cell for recharging and continuous operation, as well as a high-power magnetic base for fixed and reliable installation.

Strengthen Security in Cargo Transportation and Reduce the Risk of Theft and/or Tampering

Integrate an intelligent remote control solution with easy-to-use technology fully integrated with the telematics platform, to reinforce transportation security and protect the integrity of the cargo until its destination.


Security reinforcement
Theft and extraction mitigation

Protected cargo integrity
Prevention of tampered cargo

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