Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway

Wireless Technology in your Fleet

Manage information from sensors with bluetooth technology, connecting to telematics devices to send the collected data in real time.

BLEG®, Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway is a robust solution that allows you to integrate any device with bluetooth 5.0 technology, with durable and reliable construction to improve data collection and accuracy, linked to a fleet management and administration platform.

Didcom® marks the before and after in the development of innovative technology with a telematics solution that integrates Bluetooth® to facilitate communication between devices, taking advantage of the practicality provided by the wireless connection, speeding up the installation of different types of sensors in different areas of the vehicle in your fleet.


Bluetooth® is an international standard that enables wireless connection between devices, used by companies and products around the world, and Didcom® has taken advantage of this technology to integrate greater practicality into Transportation Fleet Management.

The most effective low energy solution

The bluetooth sensors send information continuously, which the BLEG® detects and transmits to the telematics device to which it is connected, to send the information to the monitoring platform and reflect the data in real time.

The system BLEG®and the bluetooth sensors are fully integrated to configure alert and message rules.

Fast and efficient integration of various sensors

Wireless sensors provide easy and flexible installation
with a battery life of more than 10 years.

Connection to management app

It incorporates a developer app for Android and iOS that facilitates the visualization, integration and management of bluetooth sensors.


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Up to 30 sensors connected simultaneously

Capable of integrating a wide variety of sensors on the market, with which it can be adapted to any end customer requirement to solve operational and fleet management problems.

Compact and ready-to-use design

Provides flexibility and technological growth, to scale and customize as the requirements and needs in the market change.

BLEG® for Fleets

Provides valuable, actionable data in real time
to improve fleet safety and productivity,
reflecting reduced operating costs.

Variety of sensors, for various solutions

More details

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