Turn your fleet data into a business operational advantage!

The CAD is the Didcom Service Center dedicated to providing a comprehensive and personalized solution for Motor Transport Companies that require specialized support in Fleet Management on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year

CAD focuses on analyzing the operation of your fleet with a team of experts dedicated to identifying and reporting anomalies and opportunities with specific protocols to improve the performance of your vehicles and increase business profitability, through five specialized divisions:
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The most proper plan

We provide you with a broad and deep visualization of the status and performance of your fleet through our four solution levels, each with a capacity for flexibility and growth in response to your information needs.





Benefits for Fleet Management

The Didcom Service Center operates as your trucking company's external Fleet Analysis ally to take advantage of valuable information on the performance and condition of your vehicles, turning your fleet data into a business advantage that helps you make intelligent decisions. to improve the operation of your fleet, generating savings and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • New business opportunities
  • Competitive and operational advantage
  • Improved decision making
  • Business transformation and evolution
  • Driving operational growth
  • Measurement and monitoring of results

Personalized attention to support cases through a ticket system, with the option to define requirements, service levels and exclusive schedules defined by the client.

Incident requests are managed through a single specialized platform that concentrates the various support channels (platform, email, etc.)

  • Ticket management portal
  • Knowledge database
  • Multi-channel tickets creation
  • Tickets tracking and status

Monitoring up to 24/7 dedicated to monitoring and analyzing events out of range, as well as analyzing the operating rules and conditions determined by the client, executing specific action and notification protocols according to the contacts hierarchy and specified communication channels.

  • Event hierarchy mapping
  • Flexible service hours
  • Coverage from Monday to Sunday
  • Event tracking module
  • Defining custom protocols
  • Monthly report of registered events
  • ANERPV Certification

We provide you with the operation simplified information and your fleet performance through the conversion into great value and usefulness data for making informed and timely decisions.

Turn your fleet data into a business operational advantage!

We keep you aware of your vehicle's performance and status with simplified and understandable reports at various levels in the organization, so that you have the operational indicators of your fleet in a periodic and timely manner.

  • Better business decisions
  • The right information at the right time
  • High value reports
  • Management Empowerment
  • Segmented and personalized reports

Effective business transformation strategy

Empower your knowledge and make timely decisions

Constantly evolving data science plays a very important role in decision-making and more and more organizations are facing the challenge of digital transformation.

Segmented and personalized reports
to adapt to the requirements of your fleet

We offer clarity through different segments to measure various efficiency and performance
indicators of the fleet, allowing the identification of improvement opportunities through
understandable information, facilitating the understanding and transparency of results.


Ensure fleet compliance and profitability


Optimize driving operating ranges


Identify faults and reduce downtime

We continue working to diversify and integrate solutions focused on the most demanding requirements of the fleet!

With the service implementation, training sessions are provided for authorized personnel, with the purpose of forming a team specialized in platform management, processes and fleet management activities.

  • Products and Installation
  • Platform use
  • Information analysis
  • Support Processes
  • Personalized training

Clients will have access to the knowledge base that will be constantly updated, making it possible to request personalized and reinforcement training for specific topics.

Focused on improving and consolidating the level of service provided, multi-channel feedback activities are integrated to evaluate the level of satisfaction of our service, with the aim of improving the quality of our services and customer service.

  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Feedback sessions
  • Recommendation tracking
  • Improvements implementation

We help you optimize your vehicle fleets

Tell us what you need and we will provide the most appropriate solution