Didcom EPC is a multi-brand automotive protocol monitoring and reading solution that converts proprietary CAN protocols of various speeds to the J1939 standard protocol, obtaining parameters and fault codes, also functioning as a bypass filter that allows reading of various parameters under programming.

Easily view collected engine data and fault codes in the Engine Measurement Reports section in MyGeotab. All engine logs are georeferenced and sent in real time.
Analysis of engine
data and fault codes

Synchronization with third-party
systems owned by the client

Maintenance automation
according to odometer records
Driving metrics evaluation

Fully integrated with

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  • Non intrusive CANbus and J1708 connection
  • Compatible with J1708/J1939 protocol
  • Compatible with proprietary CAN protocols (Mercedez Benz, MAN, VW and others)
  • Compatible with K Line
  • RS-232 serial interface
  • Auxiliary CANbus Output

Convert corrective maintenance into preventive

Monitor the engine behavior and performance, with an exact record of the main variables that may indicate the driving style, failures in the operation or functionality of the vehicle unit.

Transform simple logs into statistics, trends and projections for decision making, which allow detecting patterns in the operation, and anticipating any eventuality.


  • Reduction of fuel consumption due to mechanical damage or failures
  • Reduction of incidents due to failures during trips
  • Engine useful life extension

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