Engine Protocol Converter

Health and Engine Analysis

Know the operation and convert
corrective into preventive maintenance.

Multi-brand automotive protocol reader device that converts proprietary CAN protocols of different speeds to the standard J1939 protocol, obtaining as a result parameters and fault codes, it also works as a bypass filter which only allows readings of different parameters under programming.

Convert engine information into operating indicators

EPC connects to the engine data network and obtains all the parameters available for analysis, recording the different engine parameters and fault codes, which are associated with time and GPS location.

The information is sent in real time to Didcom's servers, where the end customer can view the information and generate reports online.



Multi-brand solution with which you can standardize the results
of the fleet regardless of the manufacturer's brand, in order to
standardize the obtaining of information in all its units.

Engine data

Know the operation and status of the engine of the entire vehicle fleet in real time to monitor the behavior and performance of the engines, with an exact record of the main variables that can indicate the way of driving, failures in the operation or in the functionality of the vehicle unit.

Convert corrective maintenance into preventive

Transform simple logs into statistics, trends and projections
for decision-making, which allow detecting patterns in the operation,
and anticipating any eventuality.

Engine fault code information

Remote diagnostic systems detect and report fault conditions and alert if unexpected maintenance is required.

Continuous monitoring of vehicle components and operating conditions can lead to advanced forecasting services that further reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

With engine fault code information, you can now stop engine problems before they are costly to manage and repair. A fault code will tell you specifically what the problem is with the engine and where to find it, helping you save time and costs on vehicle inspection.

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