Fuel Level Management

Performance and efficient
fuel use through refills and consumption analysis

Didcom FLM is a Fuel Level Monitor solution that focuses on providing fuel usage traceability in near real time through capacitive sensors connected to the GO device.

Easily view the fuel level data collected by the sensors in the engine measurements report section in MyGeotab. All the fuel level logs are georeferenced and exceptions can be notified in real time.

Complete performance and fuel efficiency solution!

Up to 4 fuel level sensors
connected simultaneously

Fuel level records log

Sensor operation and
status monitoring
IOX protocol
Ready-to-use design

Fully Integrated with MyGeotab

Disponible en Marketplace


  • Capable of integrating the main brands of capacitive sensors in the market
  • Rules and notification settings and configuration
  • 100% autonomous sensors with configurable intervals for measure and record
  • Measurement error in the operating environment not more than 1%

Get complete visibility into efficient fuel usage and fleet performance

Didcom FLM is useful for accurate fuel level and volume measurement in tanks of vehicles, validating the correct fill ups and avoiding fuel theft through reports and notifications of fuel level status.

Monitor and ensure correct fuel consumption and performance through fuel level monitoring and identify operating practices and driving habits, as well as fuel consumption anomalies.


Online visibility of your
fleet fuel consumption

Stay informed about possible
thefts or fuel extractions

Know the locations where your
fleet refueling is carried out

Obtain detailed information on historical
fuel consumption of each unit

Reduces excess fuel usage expense
through rules and notifications

We help you optimize your vehicle fleets

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