Specialized and dedicated telematics solutions for each industry sector

At Didcom we specialize in offering specialized telematics solutions dedicated to each sector of the industry

Our approach focuses on the design and development of high-value technologies and engineering, with the aim of providing a personalized service adapted to the specific needs of a wide variety of sectors of the motor transport industry.

Highly flexible and customizable solutions that drive Digital Transformation in the industry's Fleet Management, allowing agile adaptation to changing challenges

Monitoring and precise cargo vehicle fleets measure

Increase the safety and profitability of the operation, ensuring the efficient use of resources and guaranteeing a punctual and high-quality service for the end customer.

Transportation technologies that guarantee safer passengers, drivers and trips

Solutions for monitoring and control of boarding, descent and capacity supervision in transport to guarantee punctuality, safety and maximum service satisfaction.

Guarantee complete customer satisfaction with intelligent business models for maximum efficiency in your operation

Optimize routes, times and increase the punctuality and productivity of your fleets, generating savings and greater profitability for the company.

Optimize the control and monitoring of your vehicle fleets to increase productivity and reduce operating costs

Ensures a long useful life for your units with low maintenance costs, guaranteeing effective, efficient and more profitable service.

Asegura el cumplimiento puntual y el máximo desempeño para garantizar la calidad en el servicio

Provide exceptional care with maximum resource efficiency, monitoring the optimal condition of your units.

We are proud to offer specialized solutions
adapted to each of the aforementioned sectors

Our objective is to generate a positive impact on the management of automotive
transport fleets, providing technological solutions that optimize efficiency,
strengthen safety and generate greater profitability for our clients.

Fleet Management Empowerment

At Didcom we are committed to empowering transportation fleet managers by providing them with simplified and relevant information on the operation and performance of their fleet management.

Our telematics solutions allow them to make informed and timely decisions to optimize their operation and achieve success in the transportation market.

Effective Strategy for
Proactive Management

Accident reduction

Route optimization

Driver training

Engine fault detection

Identification of preventive and
predictive maintenance

Carbon footprint reduction

Know how to interpret the information the fleet generates daily to enhance operational and business profitability

With the associated benefits and objectives, an organization can quantify and analyze the potential value of the operation over time

The information interpretation gains true value when it translates into tangible benefits, which is why it is essential to direct the focus towards specific objectives that guarantee timely decisions.
  • Agile fleet operational vision
  • Maximum optimization of resources
  • Timely reaction capacity
  • Informed decision making
  • Maximize incremental revenue
  • Mitigation of operating costs
  • Increased profitability and operational efficiency

We help you optimize your vehicle fleets

Tell us what you need and we will provide the most appropriate solution