Didcom PID is a passenger capacity monitoring solution for buses, through the reading of RFID cards and with a connection to the GO device to send the data collected in real time.

Easily view the log records through the GO device and transmits the information to MyGeotab. All the get-on and get-off event logs are georeferenced and exceptions can be notified in real time.

Complete on-board passenger transportation solution!

ID records log

Compatible with RFID readers most common on the market

Unique ID for each RFID card associated with a passenger

IOX protocol Ready-to-use design
Addin & mobile app management for Android and iOS

Fully Integrated with MyGeotab

Available in Marketplace

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with the most common RFID readers on
the market and QR codes

Reader versions














Increase safety with passenger ID management

Stay informed about which passengers are on which bus and where, at any time

Know the dates, times and places each passenger gets on and off the bus

Analyze historical passengers data by bus

Get instant notifications with details of your child getting on and off the bus

Get complete visibility into bus locations and estimated arrival times so you're always informed

Supervise and validate the use of the service for each passenger in the bus fleet operation to guarantee the correct use of the assigned passenger transport service.

This solution provides detailed passenger identification ensuring the correct use of the bus transport according to the assigned service.

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