Didcom RTA is a secure remote control (I/O) solution, through remote actuators connected to the GO device with communication and confirmation in real time.

Provides precise location visualization when generating an instruction and requesting your authorization, allowing you to control multiple actuators independently in MyGeotab.

Remotely control the fleet functionality
in an agile and safe way

Up to 2 actuators
connected simultaneously

Log of action records and use of password and token to execute action

Independent and secure monitoring of the status and control of physical outputs
IOX protocol
Ready-to-use design

Fully Integrated with MyGeotab

Available in Marketplace


  • Two configuration modes of operation: Default and Sleep
  • Two independent power signals to activate or deactivate actuators
  • Access control for state changes execution
  • Add-in for status control, display and expiration time configuration

Agile and safe remote control of functions and conditions in your fleet operation

Take remote control of the functions and conditions in the operation of your fleet in an agile and safe way with a wide variety of remote actuators for various solutions.

  • Electric Button
  • Electric Locks
  • A/C Compressor
  • WiFi Cellular Modem
  • Other specific functions...


Remotely control
your fleet operation

Keeps a detailed record of the commands
carried out and actions executed

Reduces the theft incidence due to unauthorized
opening of doors, trunks and side panels

Block the use of accessories or
specific functions within the unit

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