Security Rules

Configuration and compliance with conditions
for the benefit of the operation

Determine the conditions in each operation to protect
the integrity of drivers, passengers, vehicles and cargo.






Facial Recognition of Distraction and Fatigue

Facial Recognition of Distraction and Fatiguea Operator's facial scanning technology to identify distracted driving habits and risky behaviors such as cell phone use, smoking or eating at the wheel, as well as detection of signs of fatigue that require mandatory rest.

Real Time Video Surveillance on the Route

All-road operation monitoring with full visibility of the driver and the road in real time, to minimize risk and protect drivers with video evidence in claims cases and insurance costs.

Panic Button for Emergencies

Strengthen the safety of the driver, the vehicle and the cargo with an accessory designed to generate an alert in cases of emergency or in the face of risk situations, notifying the fleet management to take timely action.

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