At Didcom we believe that talent and innovation are the way to transform ideas into solutions!

We drive change in our environment through people-centered initiatives that allow us to connect and sustain a better world for all.


We help companies, organizations and society to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact on the environment

Didcom understands current environmental challenges and joins efforts to minimize the environmental footprint through the promotion and adoption of environmentally responsible habits and initiatives.

CO2 emissions mitigation

We help companies reduce their fuel consumption, optimize routes, reduce idling and poor driving habits.

Alternative fuels adoption

We are promoters of the adoption of electric, hybrid and gas vehicles, aware of the care of our natural resources for the future.

Recycling campaign

We promote a recycling program in our facilities to lead by example and generate the minimum waste impact.

Transportation electrification

We partner with the ICCT to promote the Electrification of Automotive Transportation in Mexico and Latin America.

Road safety

We promote the approach of creating safer roads through a culture of driving safety awareness

We know the potential and scope of our technologies to generate a positive change in road safety, through the adoption of efficient driving habits in transport company drivers.

Video telematics adoption

We promote the adoption of technologies in drivers as a non-invasive solution focused on protecting their safety.

In-cab training

Our technologies drive safe driving through real-time alerts and notifications to correct and prevent risks.

Theft mitigation

We promote the integration of safe habits to mitigate the risk of theft and prevent fatal and high-impact losses for companies.

Public awareness

Technology as the ideal tool to encourage society behind the wheel to focus on the road and reach our destination safely.

Human capital

We are aware that our main strength lies in the talent of each of the members of Didcom

We constantly and continuously strive to consolidate our team by integrating new talent and providing opportunities to the labor market to drive the professionalization of the industry.


We provide new job opportunities to add the talent of professionals who seek to apply their experience and knowledge.

Trainer University Initiative

Program aimed at providing spaces for professional practices to apply knowledge and acquire work experience.

DataLab Initiative

Program focused on providing spaces for academic research projects and big data processing in the company.

GPTW® Certification

We are recognized as a Great Company to Work For® for its work culture and human relations of quality and trust.

Didcom Community

We promote a culture of innovation and constant improvement, promoting creativity and specialized talent.

CANIETI Sonora Partners

Affiliated members with the objective of professionalizing the Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology industry.

Our society

We express our gratitude and commitment to support and give back to our society to generate value for all

We greatly value the commitment to our society and we reaffirm it with support focused on promoting initiatives that are beneficial to our environment, its members and their families


We provide support to sports initiatives and any healthy initiative for the body and mind of the members of our society.


We make donations to foundations and organizations to support the most vulnerable sectors and give back to our society for the much it gives us.

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