Driving monitoring, control and efficiency in natural gas vehicles through telematics


Sitrak is a heavy duty trucks international manufacturer, a new generation of high-end trucks with excellent fuel economy

Light weight and exceptional performance in compliance with all six emissions standards, as well as cabin design for the operator safety and comforts when driving.

Sitrak in Mexico has a 15-hectare vehicle and machinery assembly plant located on the Xalapa-Veracruz highway, with a production capacity of 5,000 units per year, starting production in the country in 2019 with resounding success due to its trucks high quality and technology, placing 1,200 units by its first year.

It was necessary to integrate a reliable and accurate telematics solution for the monitoring of Sitrak units with diesel engines and natural gas engines with the aim of providing added value to its clients through a telematics platform that would allow them to monitor their units and be able to help them guarantee optimal performance in operational and profitability terms.

The great challenge of the project was specifically the reading of engine data and fuel consumption in vehicles with natural gas engines (CNG - Compressed Natural Gas and LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas) in the absence of a consolidated solution in the market that could extract and capture this information in an agile and practical way.

Didcom dedicated its experience and knowledge in engineering and specialized technology to consolidate a telematics solution that met the objective, managing to develop and integrate software and hardware necessary for the reading and monitoring of natural gas consumption, as well as the extraction of engine data in the Sitrak vehicles.

Since 2020, Didcom has integrated unique hardware and software products into Sitrak units from the customer delivery and into the work dynamics in Mexico key dealerships, strengthening and enhancing the post-sale value with timely and recurring monitoring that adds value to the final client.


Most of the solutions required the development and integration of hardware and software, tailored to Sitrak's requirements.


Sitrak Telematics adds more than 300 units of connected vehicles to the telematics ecosystem developed by Didcom, maintaining a constant increase generated by the successful implementation with great value results both for the telemetry management in Sitrak dealerships and for the end customer business operation.

Valuable information has been generated to support intelligent decision-making at the operation and business level in Sitrak vehicles, being relevant in the warranty, maintenance and consumption validation processes, generating significant savings in time and resources,highlighting the added value of the gas vehicles reading as a unique quality in the sector that adds a competitive advantage to its commercial offer.

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