Digital evolution in
fleet management


Globexplore is a client-focused, technology-driven mining exploration and drilling contractor backed by the most efficient infrastructure of any drilling contractor in Mexico, with world-class drilling methods and techniques that only years of experience can achieve, and a high-tech head office that operates five satellite facilities located in the main mining regions of Mexico.

Globexplore is a leader in technology and innovation in its sector, 80% of its fleet is less than 5 years old and each rig is completely updated annually, it has the most modern drilling fleet available in its industry and a solid reputation with its clients as their strongest asset: everyone they have worked with would hire them again and recommend their service!

With a vehicle fleet of more than 170 units and the need to efficiently manage the operation, logistics and maintenance of the units the opportunity for Didcom to collaborate and propose solutions arises through the prospecting of our commercial department.

Globexplore needed to have greater control of its fleet with the main objective of optimizing the operational and economic resources, allocated to vehicle units, with
the firm purpose of promoting digital evolution in fleet management processes.

Main challenges for efficient fleet management in the mining services sector:

Didcom provided a proof of concept, which consisted of equipping some fleet units with our telematics solution for a determined period of time, with timely monitoring, advice, and analysis to review progress and results. The demo stage was successful! Managing to demonstrate the ability to configure a solution according to the requirements and needs of Globexplore, represented the opportunity to resolve the current uncertainty issues that the company's management sought to improve.

The preliminary stage analysis made it possible to identify in detail the real state of the fleet's operation, determining the priority of the business rules to be implemented, highlighting three specific issues that stand out as patterns of operational behavior that required monitoring and measurement to plan improvement opportunities for the benefit of fleet management and business profitability:


Globexplore, through the effective implementation of Didcom telematics solutions and its involvement in the project, has made amazing progress in its fleet management, , identifying and quantifying savings opportunities in its operation, as well as implementing appropriate management initiatives for continuous improvement. , endorsing as a result the real impact and benefit of telematics within the organization.

The objective of the project was clear, to provide detailed control of the operation at all times, allowing the identification of operational failures and opportunities to reduce unnecessary costs, involving a series of elements to be managed and resolved in order to achieve a profitable and incident-free operating fleet to ensure the best customer service.

Extracting valuable information from fleet data and converting it into measurable income or reflecting it in a reduction in expenses is a sample of the intelligent and timely decisions that can be made supported by a telematics solution integrated into your company.

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Didcom can help you integrate telematic solutions to monitor and identify opportunities for improvement in the operation and fleet management in the mining sector and other industry sectors with an isolated and complex operation.