Route compliance and punctuality control in real time

Grupo Xcaret Mexico

Grupo Xcaret is a 100% Mexican business complex, whose management, operations, and creative achievements have marked the tourism industry in Mexico with its foresight, originality and solid business development.

With a fleet of more than 3,000 units that transports more than 10,000 passengers a day, including visitors, guests, and collaborators throughout its eight tourist parks, considered the most emblematic of Cancún and Riviera Maya, the Xenotes tourist excursion, as well such as tours to archaeological sites of Chichén Itzá, Cobá and Tulum and, the Hotel Xcaret México, the first All-Fun Inclusive® in the world.

Grupo Xcaret sought to guarantee the satisfaction of its visitors from the momentthe transportation service arrived, so it was essential to have vehicles with punctuality, capacity, availability and optimal performance to provide pleasant,reliable and safe experience from the hotels and stops to the final destination.

The Grupo Xcaret transportation logistics operation integrates a complex network of more than 500 ascending and descending zones, with transfers of an average of 220 km per day by bus from the hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya, making it the transportation network of greater complexity and quality throughout the Mexican Caribbean, which demands a high level of intelligent control in fleet management.

Didcom has supported Grupo Xcaret for more than 6 years in the integration of state-of-the-art telematics technology and the implementation of a flexible, scalable
and secure platform, which allows fleet management by dynamically adapting to the operating and business model.

A series of software modules have been developed focused on integrating into its operation monitoring and punctuality control in each bus through a single platform,
a complement that manages to add value and strengthen the solution.

More than 500 ascending and descending zones have been configured on the platform to achieve detailed control and registration of each bus, providing a tool to ensure the necessary capacity and its punctuality according to passenger demand.


Grupo Xcaret

The telematic solutions implementation helped Xcaret in the unit planning logistics in an efficient and optimized way, providing real-time monitoring to make adjustments and corrections in a timely manner, speeding up assertive decision-making for the logistics and operation areas, as well as reports for the directive.

Process automation was achieved in logistics and monitoring tasks, which previously had to process 7,000 records of entries, exits and stays manually, reflecting considerable savings in working hours thanks to modules integration within the telematics platform. streamlining control and transparency within the same work environment.

Reflecting, through the effective implementation of telematics technology, a greater boost in productivity, proactive and monitoring measures to make the right decisions that avoid unnecessary expenses, increasing operational and business profitability.

Working alongside drivers on the road greatly contributes to the positive outcome, through dedicated focus, measurement, monitoring and analysis for strategic action.

Currently, Grupo Xcaret integrates telematic tools to ensure intelligent control in transport logistics and fleet management at all times especially in seasons with a large tourist affluence in parks and tourist complexes, guaranteeing logistics that facilitates efficient accessibility to its parks and the best experience for its visitors.

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