Drive digitization in Australia’s refrigerated transport industry

Inauro y Scully RSV

Inauro is an Australian real-time data fusion company

Specializing in leveraging data from IoT devices and other business systems to create efficiencies in operational workflows and chart a path to automation, through the proprietary and third parties smart technology integration.

Scully RSV is Australia’s leading provider of refrigerated special purpose vehicles

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, a large fleet of utility vehicles, trucks and trailers providing refrigerated transport service for food and groceries, pharmaceuticals, flora and drinks throughout Australia.

Building on Scully RSV’s 5-year partnership with Inauro to digitize its operations, the company seeks to equip its growing fleet of vehicles with on-board telematics,, allowing its customers to access valuable real-time truck information and refrigerated cargo to support compliance with the Cold Chain:

Perspio™ platform provides integration to the rental management software and the rest of the business suite used by Scully RSV, ensuring the fleet data can be easily integrated in Scully RSV’s customer’s fleet management platforms.

Inauro manages all the software through its Perspio™ platform para realizar el monitoreo y seguimiento de los indicadores de operación, y poder asegurar la Cadena de Frío en las flotas de transporte refrigerado de Scully RSV.

Inauro, with Didcom support, incorporated temperature and door opening sensors into the Scully RSV vehicles,

Hardware fully integrated with Geotab, to generate operation indicators through its Perspio™ platform.




Leveraging the valuable information that Didcom TPM sensors provide and its management through its Perspio™ platform

Inauro specializes in providing real-time contextual recommendations so that Scully RSV’s refrigerated trucking fleets can monitor and ensure their clients Cold Chain compliance, guaranteeing the quality of each delivery.
Angus Kennard, Co-Fundador y Co-CEO de Inauro

“We are seeing a growing demand for transparency in the supply chain, and even more so for the cold chain. Companies are installing GPS tracking solutions in their fleet, but no one is talking about what goes on in the back of the truck.

The moment a rental vehicle is in the mix, it becomes very difficult to gain visibility. Any digital solution built for the fleet falls apart.

We are excited to provide Scully RSV with a solution to this problem and look forward to seeing the impact across the industry”.

Angus Kennard, Inauro Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Integrating digital transformation in the Cold Chain helps companies to be more competitive in the market

Supporting them to make better decisions based on accurate and immediate information about their fleets, improving the efficiency of their operation and promoting automation in their business.

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Didcom can help you to integrate telematic solutions
to supervise and ensure compliance with the Cold Chain

in your refrigerated transport fleet in Mexico,
Latin America and internationally.

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