Driving electrification of Automotive Transport in Mexico and Latin America

International Council on Clean Transportation

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is a non-governmental organization

Non-profit, founded to provide top-tier, unbiased scientific analysis and technical research to environmental regulators to improve environmental performance and energy efficiency of land, sea and air transport fleets, to benefit public health and mitigate climate change.

The ICCT required the data reading and sending of the main operating indicators of the electric bus pilot projects of the Mexico City Metrobus System, to carry out an analysis of costs and investment models, with a performance comparison and maintenance between internal combustion buses and electric buses.

In support of Mexico City’s commitment to integrate a 100% zero emissions Metrobus corridor,, the ICCT modeled the opportunity to electrify Line 3 (72 articulated buses, 18m each) and Line 4 (55 buses, 12m each), within the context of the ZEBRA initiative to support the system electrification and the launch of its first pilot project.

Didcom supported ICCT with the integration of a third-party CAN Bus Data Logger device with complete flexibility to adapt the records reading and data sending to cloud services of the main indicators of the communication bus of Yutong electric bus.

Additionally, through an engineering process, the interpretation of the different Yutong EV parameters was achieved, which are transferred in real time to the cloud for storage and where ICCT downloads them for analysis through specialized software.


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“Didcom has been a valuable ally in the development of our activities and fulfillment of the objectives that the ICCT has set for the electrification of public transport in Mexico City; with assertive and timely advice, based on the vast experience of its team, Didcom has been able to respond to doubts and emerging situations that innovative projects entail, among which, the one we have developed with your support had no reference prior in the country.”

- Carlos Jiménez / Researcher (Consultant) at ICCT

The ICCT replicates this solution in other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Chile and Brazil

Zero emission buses are a key tool for cities to address environmental impact, as they provide urban air quality and represent considerable financial gains, thanks to reduced operating costs.

Thanks to the hardware integration by Didcom, the ICCT converts the operating data of electric buses into valuable information to support and continue the project in support of the bus fleets electrification.

With a research and development approach, Didcom provided support to the ICCT in this project, to benefit public health and mitigate climate change, promoting the technological transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energies.

The final report of the ZEBRA Initiative in Latin America concluded that, as in other cities in the world, electric buses are a viable alternative for the renewal of the diesel fleet, the economic aspect and the reduction of pollutants.

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Didcom can support you to facilitate the integration of electrical units and standardize their data reading with the rest of the fleet to promote the electrification of automotive transport in Mexico, Latin American and internationally.

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