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MAN Truck & Bus México

MAN Truck & Bus México is one of the largest truck and bus manufacturers in Latin America.

With more than 15 years of experience in Mexico, the company offers cargo and passenger transportation solutions with innovative operator safety features and advanced engine technology.

MAN Truck & Bus México has a plant in Santiago de Querétaro city with an area of 18,720 m2, where more than 16 MAN & Volkswagen brand models are assembled. Its main objective is to provide transportation solutions tailored to the needs of its customers with the best quality and price, offering the most innovative technological advances, adding value to the vehicles for the end customer.

Currently, speed and dynamism are imperative, turning the operation of the vehicle fleet into a business priority and making efficiency, competitiveness and profitability essential challenges for transport companies, resorting to forecasting, prevention and monitoring methods. that evaluate the health of the fleet to optimize its reliability and operational safety.

Detailed operation logging provides valuable opportunities for corrections and preventative measures, thus eliminating potential unforeseen maintenance issues. This data is essential for efficient maintenance analysis and, above all, to avoid unnecessary expenses on repairs, while increasing profitability in operations and business success.

MAN Truck & Bus México required a robust technological solution of a Fleet Management System (FMS) capable of offering its clients the details of the operation of their units under one of its main pillars “Connectivity and Digitalization”. The solution had to be comprehensive and robust with the aim of improving customer productivity, reducing costly maintenance due to major damage, guaranteeing the safety of operators during their trips and minimizing the expense derived from excessive consumption that affects transport companies when they lack crucial data to make timely and effective decisions.

We have developed a modular technological ecosystem that serves as the core of our solution, achieving complete integration of engine data, fault codes, various vehicle ECUs and other specialized solutions. Additionally, it plays the role of a Fleet Management System (FMS) with safety features designed to prevent engine damage and detect in real time various operating conditions outside established ranges that may affect the functionality and integrity of the unit.

The key to this approach lies in proactive management, aware that healthier fleets translate into greater productivity. The development of this solution was the result of close collaboration between the various technological areas of Didcom and MAN Truck & Bus México at each stage of the process, given that the products to be developed required a functional, physical and logical interaction with the technology of the OEM.

This involved a deep understanding of the structure and technology of the vehicles, followed by the determination of the methodology and logic of interaction at different functional levels. As a result, we have managed to create a unique, flexible and complementary solution that reflects the operational technological functionality necessary to meet specific market demands.

The official MAN | Telematics launch has been a great step on the path for MAN Truck & Bus México to become a benchmark for connectivity and digitalization in the Mexican market. Also, knowing that technology is a field that evolves day by day, the latest technologies that allow the maximum exploitation of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, improvements at the hardware / software level, as well as an alignment with new technologies to guarantee maximum use.

The solution considered the most important points to be met in the development of the project at the hardware and software level.



This solution marks a milestone in the MAN Truck & Bus México brand, representing cutting-edge technology that allows real-time monitoring of all parameters related to operation, engine status, logistics and safety in addition to functions that allow the vehicles useful life to be extended, increase fleet uptime and reduce operating costs by increasing efficiency. Without a doubt, an added value that adds to the benefits of technology and maximum performance that characterize the brand.

Customers who have connected vehicles through MAN | Telematics have been able to experience substantial improvements in the efficient management of their fleets, by optimizing analysis time and improving preventive decision making. On the part of drivers, through the information generated it has been possible to identify opportunities for improvement through the identification of inadequate driving habits that, when corrected, allow improving safety, reducing wear and tear and improving the fleet performance.

Results that transcend

To make timely decisions, it is key to have statistical information and trends in the behavior of the critical variables of the operation, to implement the necessary action plans.

Our strategic alliance with MAN Truck & Bus México in an OEM approach enables us to strengthen their value proposition by providing them with their own telematics solution, supported by an integrated ecosystem with potential for expansion andgrowth adaptable to their specific needs.

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