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TATPA Transportes

TATPA Transportes from Mobility ADO, has been operating since 2015 on the lines of the urban transport service RUTA (Urban Articulated Transport Network) of Puebla city with the urban and suburban passenger service managed under the BRT-type mass public transport system (Bus Rapid Transit).

RUTA transportation line 2 currently operates in Puebla, with an estimated demand of 105,000 passengers per day, 138 units and a route length of 13.8 km with a lane confined to the center, 37 stations and 3 terminals, in addition to 19 auxiliary routes cross feeders, providing a continuous daily service from 4:00 to 0:00 hours.

The operation of a BRT system implies a high degree of logistical complexity since the requirement of compliance with the route and punctuality are non-negotiable aspects. In addition to guaranteeing and maintaining the units in perfect condition as fundamental aspects in this urban transport system that has come to revolutionize the mobility of large cities in Mexico.

Line 2 operates in a system where only articulated trucks are allowed to circulate in the confined lane, this is how small feeder trucks cannot circulate in said lane and are in charge of transporting passengers from different parts of the city to the
confined rail, which provides the system with greater flexibility.

TATPA Transportes needed to manage this complex system through an efficient telematics system, capable of managing all the operational aspects of a multi-brand fleet, opening the opportunity for Didcom to offer its solutions and experience.

Main operational requirements for telematics services:

Didcom presented a proposal for a comprehensive telematics solution that covered the required scope, which made it possible to start a period of exhaustive tests at the operational level validating the implementation and technological functionality of the different requested requirements.

The conceptual proof was satisfactory in all its stages, achieving the approval of Didcom's technological proposal and increasing its requirements with the addition of new, more specific software modules that could display more detailed information on the operation, which Didcom dedicated development efforts from scratch to cover 100% of the client's needs, integrating a personalized value proposal that is unmatched by the competition in the market.


Thanks to the effective implementation of Didcom's telematics technology, TATPA Transportes has an organized, optimal and efficient control of its operation,having reliable information in real time to make timely and well founded decisions to improve its performance on Line 2 of Puebla, in the operation of its 138 buses that cover more than 30,000 km in their 20 hours of service per day.

Results that transcend

Didcom has been providing TATPA Transportes with telematics technology since 2016, generating tangible results with a mature level of support, and above all, with all our commitment to support and accompaniment that allows us to provide a rapid response capacity to new requirements.

We thank TATPA Transporte for the opportunity to support them in boosting their business operation and for the trust they have placed in Didcom.

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Didcom can help you boost optimal performance in your bus fleet management and public transport services through the integration of telematic solutions that provide valuable information to make better decisions.