Technological development and integration for passenger identification

Métrica Móvil

Métrica Móvil is a Mexican telematics engineering and technological innovation company for fleet management founded in 2011 in Torreón, Coahuila, with presence and service throughout Mexico

Métrica Móvil provides its clients with telematics technology solutions, focused on the integration of vehicle data, and has equipment solutions and technological platforms so that its clients have the level of transformation they need.

Métrica Móvil contacted Didcom in 2019 to learn about the operation of the Didcom PID - Passenger Identification solution, as they required a solution that could resolve the control and capacity of personnel in the industrial transportation service for one of their clients.

The Didcom PID solution integration represented several challenges of varying complexity as part of the implementation and compatibility process, among which the main highlights are the Integration of the RFID technology used by the end customer in their control access to their infrastructure, with the purpose to take advantage of the collaborators cards in the personnel transportation use registration.

The project was not limited to the compatibility of one type of reader, but to a wide variety of readers and cards to be able to work with all the variables existing in the end customer's transportation service network.

The project was focused on obtaining information on passenger get-in and get-off schedule events, as well as the location of each of said records with the objective of obtaining detailed and relevant control of passengers transportation use habits.

The solution addressed the most critical aspects of project development at the product engineering level, both at the hardware and software levels. It was necessary to redesign the physical connection between Didcom PID and the client's card readers, as well as develop communication compatibility between both products, which was a central element in our approach to guarantee the success of the project.

The solution considered the most important points to be met in the development of the project at the hardware and software level.


Métrica Móvil

Nowadays, the end customer controls capacity in an organized manner with a technological vision that allows them to promptly monitor the transport units and users who use the service.

Métrica Móvil has more than 900 Didcom PIDs installed in various transportation companies in Mexico, reaffirming its participation in the personnel transportation management market with a technological solution according to the needs and adaptable to the requirements of its clients.

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