Fuel performance control in
multi-brand bus fleet

Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad

Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad (TIS) is a transnational company of Grupo Telefónica, a pioneer in comprehensive technological security with a history of more than 30 years

Providing solutions adapted to its clients, protecting people, infrastructure and information, with the aim of making the world a better place. safer.

TIS Chile provides security services called “Secure Fleet Management”, a solution that allows the client to monitor vehicle fleets in real time to obtain valuable information and anticipate deficient or risk events, operating as an authorized representative and distributors in the region.

TIS Chile required a solution that could standardize the fuel consumption and performance information of a multi-brand fleet for one of its main clients, with the aim of standardizing the information obtained from each of the vehicles.

The project focused on the analysis and interpretation of the measurement of fuel consumption and performance, with the purpose of obtaining a detailed overview of the operation efficiency, whether due to driving issues or mechanical details, for this it was necessary to obtain the following engine variables, such as mileage, fuel, engine hours and performance km/L.

The client, a leading passenger transport company in its country, operates a fleet of 800 multi-brand vehicles made up of 85% Mercedes Benz, 11% Scania and 4% Volvo, which travel throughout the Chilean territory, transporting nearly 23 million people a year to more than 150 destinations, a great logistical challenge that demanded the correct management of its resources.

From the implementation in the fleet of the Didcom EPC “Engine Protocol Converter” solution as a multi-brand solution and its compatibility with vehicle models, consistent results in fuel consumption and performance were achieved, with a solid integration to the telematics ecosystem.

Didcom and TIS Chile collaborated in deep technological involvement to adapt and develop existing technology at the hardware and software level during the implementation process. Both technical teams managed the assessment of the entire fleet to achieve the resolution of 95% compatibility of the EPC solution with the end customer's fleet.

The solution considered the most important points to be met in the development of the project at the hardware and software level.



EPC “Engine Protocol Converter”

Multi-brand automotive protocol reading device that converts proprietary CAN protocols of different speeds to the J1939 standard protocol, resulting in parameters and fault codes. It also works as a bypass filter which only allows readings of different parameters under programming.
Based on the technological synergy between Didcom and TIS Chile, the end client was able to obtain information on the fuel consumption and performance of its multi-brand fleet in a standardized way, thus being able to take control of the efficiency of resources in its operation.

To date, we have successfully deployed more than 1,100 Didcom EPC devices to TIS Chile, strengthening our position in the Passenger Transportation Management market. This demonstrates our commitment to offering innovative solutions and consolidates us as the trusted technological partner for our valued clients.

We thank Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad (TIS Chile) for the opportunity to support them in boosting their business operations and for the trust given to Didcom.

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