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Urban Tampico

Urban Tampico from Grupo Transpais, is one of the largest urban bus lines in the northwestern region of Mexico, positioned as a leader in the urban, tourist, school and industrial passenger transport sector in the State of Tamaulipas.

With more than 40 years of experience and a fleet of more than 420 units, it offers service to 7 dedicated passenger transport routes in the Tampico-Altamira metropolitan area, it also provides school and industrial transport services to companies in the region and the tourist transport service under contract, covering an average of 1 million kilometers, operating around 36,500 hours and transporting more than 900,000 passengers per month.

Urban Tampico required a state-of-the-art telematics solution that will give it the possibility of evolving fleet management and having valuable information on its operation in real time to plan, prevent and correct in a timely manner, a competitive advantage to strengthen customer satisfaction and business reputation.

Real-time monitoring of each of the fleet indicators was necessary to detect deficiencies, irregularities and opportunities for improvement in the operation,to considerably reduce the time for analysis and response to eventualities, mitigating the risk of affecting operational and business profitability.

Didcom implemented a telematics solution to control, coordinate and manage mobility and operation logistics in each of the services provided,with updated information at all times to support the promotion of business efficiency, productivity and profitability.

The project was sectioned into 4 strategic pillars:

The solution stands out for being flexible and adaptable to the requirement of continuous improvement and growth under the same technological structure facilitating the possibility of continuing to integrate new functionalities according to the demand and needs of the client.


Urban Tampico

Didcom Telematics has supported Urban Tampico to have clear and reliable information for efficient fleet management, minimizing processes and streamlining data analysis to make informed and timely decisions, allowing it to detect deficiencies and opportunities for continuous improvement in the operation fleet and business profitability.

Urban Tampico is characterized by being an innovative company that always seeks to be at the forefront by integrating technology that strengthens security in its operation and adds benefits for its clients, allowing it to position itself as the preference of its users as a company with a great vision of service.

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We thank Urban Tampico for the opportunity to support them in boosting their business operation and for the trust given to Didcom

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Didcom can help you improve the management of your bus fleetom can help you improve the management of your bus fleet through the integration of telematic solutions that provide a precise and real-time overview of the operation, identify opportunities for improvement and reinforce operational efficiency.