Non-Invasive Prevention Technology!

A solution focused on reinforcing the safety and protection of your fleet, mitigating risk habits and reducing the incidence of accidents through driver training with real-time video, alerts and notifications to correct and prevent deficiencies behind the wheel.

Having video evidence is a valuable tool that allows us to know in detail what happened in a traffic accident, minimizing the disclaimer of responsibilities and false claims to insurance companies.

Intelligent Video-Driven Fleet Safety Solutions

Industry-leading range of cameras that are easy to install, easy to use and fully integrated with the Geotab platform.

  • Gain visibility into road activities, including aggressive and distracted driving
  • Driving route recording
  • Videos to support driver training
  • Record and save video evidence of collisions
  • Immediate text message notifications or incident email
  • Live playback of events
  • Trip and map information
  • Share videos via web link

High resolution video

Clear display of events

Cloud storage

Hours of video with option to stream or download

AI capabilities

Identify risks and dangerous driving with AI and computer vision

Driver training

Use a prescriptive targeting workflow to change behaviors

Night vision & wide angle

Day or night, the video is clear and with wide capture lens

Privacy by design

Configure and customize settings of your camera
for privacy compliance

Alerts in real time and in cabin

Improve safety wit in-cab feedback

Complete information capabilities

Quickly and clearly review and analyze performance indicators with telematics data

Our dash cameras provide crucial video evidence in the event of collisions and insurance disputes, captured in a clear, high-definition image.

Get fleet information to protect against theft, connect up to five cameras to monitor your vehicles' interiors, equipment and other high-value equipment.

Cameras for cargo and passenger vehicles are essential to detect risky habits of the driver behind the wheel such as cell phone use or smoking, if he is too close to other vehicles or if he shows any signs of possible fatigue, helping to reduce risk and better driver training.

Video Telematics Technology

Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence

Observe, analyze and anticipate! The cameras integrate detection technology for poor and risky driving habits, generating audio alerts to drivers in real time, allowing them to correct their behavior promptly, avoiding incidents.

Configuration of 5 alerts types
based on operator behavior

Cellphone use

Seatbelt use


Food and beverages

Distracted driving



The cameras integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can predict imminent collisions and send instant feedback with in-cabin alerts, giving drivers enough reaction time to correct and avoid accidents.

Camera technology generates valuable information on driving performance to inform feedback and support driver training programs, clearly exemplifying poor habits to avoid and defining reaction protocols in risky situations to help them prevent and avoid accidents, protecting its integrity and mitigating the costs of damage and loss.

Learn more about the scope and capabilities of what you can achieve with our fleet security solution.

  • Identify and react to risks
  • Boost driver self-correction
  • Mitigate habits via training
  • Reduce costs with better performance
  • Configure solve to your needs

IA risk detection

Advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies capture and categorize risky driving behaviors.

Driver safety insights

Analyze driving performance and trends with thorough reporting to help improve safety and efficiency across your fleet.

Real-time, in-cab alerts

Visual and audio alerts notify drivers of their risky behaviors, helping them stay focused on the road.

Progress reports

Access risk reports that help you track progress towards safety metrics and achieve accountability.

Live streaming

See what's happening in and around vehicles in near real time.

Real-time, in-cab alerts

Visual and audio alerts notify drivers of their risky behaviors, helping them stay focused on the road.

On-demand video

Immediately access the video you need within minutes and up to 400# hours of reliable continuous recording.

Configurable coaching

Build the coaching workflows that suit your needs, including self- and remote-coaching when face-to-face is not possible.

Configurable view

Capture in-cab and road-facing views with support for additional auxiliary cameras for side and rear views.

Risk detection without recording

Monitor driver’s patterns of movement and capture distracted behaviors without recording video of the driver.

Driver app

Allow drivers to obsever post-trip videos, view performance results, benchmark with their peers, and more.

Risky parking fix

Monitor and redirect unsafe highway and on/off ramp parking in order to prevent potentially dangerous and costly roadside collisions.

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