Fleet Management Empowerment

Your business and vehicles, always moving!

Applied and integrated telematics to solve operational problems and become success stories

Transportation fleet managers require simplified information on the operation and performance of their fleet to make informed and timely decisions for the benefit of their businesses.

Why do Vehicle Fleets require Telematics?

Telematics is an effective strategy for Proactive Management reflecting a direct impact on the operation, adding value and economic benefits over time.

What are the challenges for logistics and fleets?

  • Speed ​​limits
  • Out of hours use
  • Use of belt
  • Aggressive driving
  • Accident notification
  • Operating time
  • Idle time
  • Unplanned stops
  • Scheduled visits
  • Visits made
  • Effectiveness Percentage
  • Non-compliance percentage
  • Speeding
  • Excess RPM
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Idle times

  • Total fuel
  • Fuel in driving
  • Fuel at idle
  • Loads and extractions
  • Scheduled programming
  • Preventive programming
  • Engine data
  • Fault codes
  • Out of range operation
  • Departure on time
  • Route compliance
  • Cycles carried out
  • Frequency stability

Telematics Financial Impact

Telematics can help fleet managers identify and quantify savings opportunities and implement appropriate management and control initiatives to achieve them.









Information source for decisions

Effective strategy to manage resource optimization to ensure competitiveness and profitability!

Telematics is constantly evolving and everything indicates that it will play an even more important role in customers' decision-making when selecting the type of fleets for their businesses.

Measuring different fleet efficiency indicators allows us to discover gaps and identify optimization opportunities that will generate savings and increases in economic income.

  • GPS location in real time
  • Travel logs
  • Route compliance
  • Mileage and engine hours
  • Risk and security assessment
  • Engine information
  • Fault codes
  • Fuel consumption and performance
  • Operating ranges
  • Business exceptions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Integration with third party systems
  • Many others...

Telematics Impact on Maintenance

Knowing the engine operation and status on the entire vehicle fleet in real time is the best tool you can have!

Telematics as a remote diagnostic platform, detects and reports operating and failure conditions.

It is possible to obtain very valuable information for a maintenance analysis and avoid unnecessary expenses on engine repairs or spare parts

Continuous vehicle components monitoring and operating behavior can lead to advanced forecasting services that further reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Expansion and growth to expand business capacity

A broad ecosystem of business-focused technological solutions for various sectors and needs.

Automotive transport companies require greater monitoring of the functionalities in their vehicle fleets, to be informed in real time and make better business decisions.

Integration of complementary technological
solutions under one ecosystem

Engine Data and Fault Codes

Cold Chain

Man Down and Panic
Alerts Management

Driver Identification

Passenger Identification

Opening and Closing Doors

Fuel Level

AC Monitoring

Tire Pressure

Remote Actuators

Auxiliary Monitoring

Cabin Communication

Sensor Monitoring

Many more…

Business Transformation

Data converted into information justify internal changes
in organizations

  • New business opportunities
  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased profitability
  • Costs reduction
  • More satisfied customers
  • More satisfied customers
  • Better decision making
  • Better efficiency and productivity
  • Business transformation
  • Results measurement
  • Boost to operational growth

Without measurement, no results!

Telematics Benefits

Telematics is an intelligent investment, it allows efficient information management to make informed and correct decisions that generate benefits for organizations.

Security +29%

Unsafe driving has a tremendous effect on financial performance, including tangible costs, reputational costs that impact sales, asset write-offs and write-offs.

Productivity +28%

Route planning and optimization are two of the most important activities to increase the capacity of commercial vehicles and increase the efficiency of assets.

Fuel -30%

Monitor fuel use and optimize factors that influence its efficiency, such as: aggressive driving, idling times, off-hour use.

Maintenance -32%

Engine data and statistics related to vehicle usage minimize corrective maintenance, increase service life, recovery, and improve asset efficiency.

Telematics, an Effective Strategy

Turn your fleet data into a business operational advantage!

Promotes greater productivity through the provision of information and execution of proactive measures that allow the generation of key indicators to measure operational and business profitability.

Size the fleet to the needs of your clients and evaluate the efficiency of the operation to guarantee maximum productivity.

Telematics is an effective and necessary strategy for the transformation of motor transportation businesses.

It is a smart and valuable investment that allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses and increases operational and business profitability.


  • Sales increase
  • Market share increase

Quantifiable and well measured, they are often the benefits that organizations seek to achieve immediately.


  • Greater compliance
  • Customer satisfaction increase

Profound, long-term benefits are game changers that can impact the way an organization operates.

HD Video Evidence On Road and In Cabin

Intelligent Video-Driven Fleet Safety Solutions

Industry-leading range of cameras that are easy to install, easy to use and fully integrated with the Geotab platform.

  • Gain visibility into road activities, aggressive and distracted driving
  • Driving route recording
  • Videos to support driver training
  • Record and save collisions video evidence
  • Immediate text or email indicents notifications
  • Live playback of events
  • Trip and map information
  • Share videos via web link

High resolution video

Clear display of events.

Night vision & wide angle

Day or night, the video is clear and with wide capture lens.

Cloud storage

Hours of video with option to stream or download

Privacy by design

Configure and customize settings of your camera for privacy compliance

AI capabilities

Identify risks and dangerous driving with AI and computer vision

Alerts in real time and in cabin

Improve safety wit in-cab feedback

Driver training

Use a prescriptive targeting workflow to change behaviors

Complete information capabilities

Quickly and clearly review and analyze performance indicators with telematics data

Our dash cameras provide crucial video evidence in the event of collisions and insurance disputes, captured in a clear, high-definition image.

Get fleet information to protect against theft, connect up to five cameras to monitor your vehicles' interiors, equipment and other high-value equipment.

Cameras for cargo and passenger vehicles are essential to detect risky habits of the driver behind the wheel such as cell phone use or smoking, if he is too close to other vehicles or if he shows any signs of possible fatigue, helping to reduce risk and better train the drivers.

  • Phone use
  • Smoking
  • Tailgating
  • Drowsiness

The cameras integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can predict imminent collisions and send instant feedback with in-cabin alerts, giving drivers enough reaction time to correct and avoid accidents.

Camera technology generates valuable information on driving performance to inform feedback and support driver training programs, clearly exemplifying poor habits to avoid and defining reaction protocols in risky situations to help them prevent and avoid accidents, protecting its integrity and mitigating the costs of damage and loss.

Learn more about the scope and capabilities of what you can achieve with our fleet security solution.

  • Identify and react to risks
  • Boost driver self-correction
  • Mitigate habits via training
  • Reduce costs with better performance
  • Configure solve to your needs

IA risk detection

Advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies capture and categorize risky driving behaviors.

Driver safety insights

Analyze driving performance and trends with thorough reporting to help improve safety and efficiency across your fleet.

Real-time, in-cab alerts

Visual and audio alerts notify drivers of their risky behaviors, helping them stay focused on the road.

Progress reports

Access risk reports that help you track progress towards safety metrics and achieve accountability.

Live streaming

See what's happening in and around vehicles in near real time.

Positive driver recognition

Empower and recognize your drivers to reinforce safe driving behavior and improve overall fleet safety.

Configurable coaching

Build the coaching workflows that suit your needs, including self- and remote-coaching when face-to-face is not possible.

On-demand video

Immediately access the video you need within minutes and up to 400# hours of reliable continuous recording.

Configurable view

Capture in-cab and road-facing views with support for additional auxiliary cameras for side and rear views.

Risk detection without recording

Monitor driver’s patterns of movement and capture distracted behaviors without recording video of the driver.

Driver app

Allow drivers to observe post-trip videos, view performance results, benchmark with their peers, and more.

Risky parking correction

Monitor and redirect unsafe highway and on/off ramp parking in order to prevent potentially dangerous and costly roadside collisions.

Sensor connectivity and telematics are two constantly evolving technologies that are revolutionizing motor transportation and mobility.

The applications of these sensors can be focused on a wide range of objectives such as fleet management, remote diagnosis, roadside assistance, security according to use, intelligent navigation, which in their combination of technologies offer multiple benefits for every possible panorama in the fleet management.

The growth and expansion capacity of integrated telematics solutions in the transportation fleet is a great challenge that requires additional effort from fleet managers to keep their technology updated to the demands of their customers

The integration of Multiple Bluetooth Sensors represents an alternative to expand the monitoring and supervision of various operation indicators in Fleet Management, contrary to expensive processes and installations with extensive processes when a practical connectivity solution is not integrated.

Variety of sensors, for various solutions

Integrate hands-on monitoring of multiple sensors into each vehicle for fleet management by providing valuable, actionable data to improve productivity and safety in operation, making it easy to set up rules and notifications.

Sensors variety and usage







IO – Input/Output




Air flow
Liquid pressure


Air pressure


Tags ID




Telematics focused on the practical integration and monitoring of Multiple Bluetooth Sensors!

At Didcom we help you monitor multiple indicators in a practical way to guarantee efficiency and performance in fleet operation through the monitoring of multiple wireless Bluetooth sensors to focus on improving information intelligence in the fleet.
This solution makes it easier and faster to integrate multiple sensors adaptable to the requirements of your fleet and the demands of your customers.

  • Control of operation indicators all the time
  • Detailed audit of the operation throughout the trip
  • Correction of poor performance indicators
  • Reduction of costs due to deficiencies in the operation
  • Prevention of risks and security deficiencies

Transform fleet data into a business operational advantage!

Updated agile operational vision of the fleet

Reaction capacity in decision making

Maximum optimization of resources

The value of knowing

Valuable information, focused on specific objectives that ensure timely decisions.

Leverage the information

The interpretation of information is truly valued when tangible and intangible benefits are reflected.

Quantify profit

With the associated benefits and objectives, an organization can quantify and analyze the potential value of the operation over time.

Technology Integration and Development

Effectively implemented telematics focuses on delivering results in line with the client's objective.

Transforming a need into a unique solution through the development and integration of technologies

Custom applications adapted to specific requirements.


SDK - Software & Hardware

API - Integration & Development

IOX - Expansion Port

MP - Ecosystem

Approach and Benefits

All fleet managers face a series of challenges and results that they must meet.

Telematics generates great benefits and has a direct impact on the operation, adding value and sustainability over time.

Profitability increase



Los ingresos incrementales

How should we invest?



Operation costs

Where can we

Strategic approach

We help you optimize your vehicle fleets

Tell us what you need and we will provide the most appropriate solution