Punctual Transport Monitoring

Our telematic solution monitors automotive transport services, with the tracking of every bus and record of every stop along each route, linked to the Telematics Device and transferring the information in real time.





Fully integrated with the Monitoring Platform, so that all transport logistics traceability is georeferenced and notified in real time.

Record and monitor the passenger transport services operation, providing certainty and control of departures, stops and arrivals, with real-time notifications for service transport users.
Real-time tracking of the route
and logistics of the unit on route

GPS records, date and time of
every stop along route bus stops

Compliance and punctuality
analysis of the unit on route
Notification reception for users
in eventualities cases

The end user can view the
information and reports online

Full compatible with Mygeotab

Mobile App

The TripOnTime® mobile app provides reaL-time visualization of the vehicle on route, providing certainty and punctuality to service users, avoiding loss of passenger service and shortening waiting time at bus stops.


TripOnTime® helps to reinforce punctuality and satisfaction in the personnel and passengers transport services.

  • Certainty of compliance and punctuality
  • Logistical and operational control of the route
  • Regularization of the number of units and frequency per route
  • Information and notifications to users
  • Traceability and efficient operation
  • Shorter waiting periods at stops
  • Punctuality in arrivals and departures
  • Record of stops on each route
  • Assigned driver identification

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