Specialized Engineering

Didcom specializes in offering technological solutions to help transportation companies meet the challenge of Digital Transformation.

Our focus is on maintaining efficiency, competitiveness and profitability through the digitalization of processes and the integration of services between various technological solutions.
We focus our efforts on the development of technologies that empower fleet management, drive productive efficiency and maximize business profitability through:

  • Improvement in visibility, control and logistics
  • Improvement in route optimization
  • Increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reduction in accident rates
  • Improvements in driving habits
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Reduction of corrective maintenance
  • Improvement in strategic decision making
  • Among many more...

Didcom technology

Fleet managers can leverage valuable insights to identify savings opportunities and implement effective management and control initiatives.

With a clear focus on digital transformation and the success of our clients, we are committed to providing complete and effective technology solutions to create fast and efficient work dynamics that drive operational and business growth.

At Didcom, our experience allows us to address global and specific client needs, capitalizing on business decisions and delivering dynamic and simple operational results.

Evolution to the future

We believe in constant evolution and long-term relationships with our clients. We focus our developments on adaptability, allowing operational growth in terms of time and objectives.

We design flexible and scalable technology solutions to adapt and grow alongside our clients, ensuring they solve current challenges and provide a solid foundation for future growth.

We focus our efforts on meeting the challenges of the future to help our clients achieve their long-term goals through innovative and success-oriented technological solutions.

Our specialization

We stand out for our specialization in the development of Hardware, Firmware and Software technology, in 3 axes that allow us to create comprehensive solutions:




A multidisciplinary team

Our combination of technological specialties in design, development, integration and implementation guarantees a holistic approach to obtain maximum performance and efficiency in each project, resulting in technological solutions of excellence, standing out for their performance, versatility and growth capacity, which allow us deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We are inventors and developers of adaptable technological solutions, focused on operational growth, efficiency and practical results. With our experience and approach, we provide a personalized and complete service, from design to the successful implementation of innovative technological solutions.

We create success stories

By choosing Didcom as a technology partner, our clients get a holistic approach to managing their vehicle fleets. Our technology solutions deliver tangible value, driving operational efficiency, generating savings and delivering long-term economic benefits.

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More than 15 years of experience

Our expertise is based on accumulated experience in multiple technologies and platforms, accompanied by complete and strict R&D and project management methodologies.

Our dedication to research and development allows us to be at the forefront in terms of technology and provide quality services that exceed the expectations and needs of our clients.




  • Software development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Management and Optimization
  • Statistic analysis
  • Data Science
  • Business Intelligence
  • AD Hoc Reports / Analysis
  • Interactive Web development
  • Mobile application development
  • UX/UI implementation
  • SDK/API development and integration
  • Reverse engineering of automotive protocols
  • Third party system integrations
  • Hardware and PCB Design
  • Design of communication protocols
  • Design of harnesses and connectors
  • Development of embedded systems
  • Firmware encoding
  • CAD/CAE modeling
  • Product development and assembly
  • Launch and implementation
  • Knowledge transfer

Products and Solutions

We offer innovative technological solutions, from design to successful implementation. Our extensive catalog meets both global and specific needs in the motor transportation sector.





  • Vehicles
  • Video
  • Sensors

Big Data

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Data Analysis

IOT Engineering

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Integration

OEM Projects

  • Customized Solutions

Our products

Our offering covers a wide range of tools designed to drive
the growth and success of automotive transport companies.

BLEG | Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway
Wireless Sensor Monitoring

TPM | Temperature Monitor
Cold Chain & Comfort Monitor

FLM | Fuel Level Monitor
Fuel Efficiency

PID | Didcom Passenger Identification
Passenger ID

RTA | Remote Actuators
Remote Actuator Monitoring

EPC - Engine Protocol Converter
Engine Health and Analysis

DCS | Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions

Smart Inventory
Smart Trailer Inventory

Dispositivo GO9
Global Geolocation

Dispositivo AI-12
Video Artificial Intelligence

Transport Punctuality

School Transport Monitoring

Service Center

Production Experts

Our specialized production area consolidates the assembly of all products designed by Didcom, using methodologies

  • Implementation of production lines
  • Inspection of parts and components
  • Product assembly
  • Operation validation
  • Quality process
  • Packaging and shipping

We help you optimize your vehicle fleets

Tell us what you need and we will provide the most appropriate solution