Connectivity and digitization for the Delivery family

Volkswagen Truck & Bus México

Volkswagen Truck & Bus México is one of the largest truck and bus manufacturers in Latin America

with more than 15 years of experience in Mexico, the company offers passenger transport solutions with innovative operator safety features and advanced engine technology.

In order to support such important pillars as connectivity and digitization, Volkswagen Truck & Bus México recognized the importance of implementing a solution for its brands in the mexican market and being able to provide reliable information about vehicles and driving, and help make better decisions in a timely manner, improving the operation in various aspects.

Based on the success of achieving the fleet information unification through the VOLKS | MAN Telematics that standardizes the operation data, Didcom began in January 2021, the factory installation of Telematics technology in the Delivery family zero kilometer units, made up of three light load focused models: Delivery 11,180, 9,170 and 6,160.

By the end of the year we celebrated the first 1,000 Delivery units installed with Didcom Telematics in record time!



One of the main added values in the units of the Delivery family is its standard integration of Didcom's telematics technology.

Under our OEM alliance, in addition to enriching themselves with access to VOLKS | Telematics and MAN | Telematics at no additional cost for the first year.

The integration of this state-of-the-art Telematics Solution allows to prolong the useful life of the vehicles, increase the uptime of the fleet, reduce operating costs and increase efficiency through specialized reports of fuel, temperature, ignition, RPM, speed, fault codes, preventive maintenance, among others, generated through the dedicated telematics platform.

Volkswagen Truck & Bus México has found in Didcom a strategic partner...

to offer customization of solutions, a key value offer for the market, promoting digital transformation and the offer of telematic services for the Mexican market.
“In 2021 we announce the launch of VOLKS | Telematics as factory standard for the entire VW Delivery family; the great teamwork and collaboration between our internal areas and the Didcom team were key to consolidating this project.

Didcom represents a strategic ally for our company, because thanks to the synergy that exists today we have a comprehensive and robust connectivity and digitization solution for our vehicles, consolidating our offer of Digital Services as a differentiator and value-added proposal for our customers.”

- Daniel Guerra Cardoso - Digital Services at Volkswagen Truck & Bus México

The Delivery family has established itself as a flagship vehicle for the company.

based on the growth of electronic commerce and with it, last-mile delivery.
'Telemetry has become the standard of the present, since it is not only a geolocation issue, but also the best technological tool for optimal fleet management and total cost of ownership.'

- Frank Gundlach, CEO of Volkswagen Truck & Bus México

Volkswagen Truck & Bus México focuses on becoming the leader in its segment, with the accompaniment and support of Didcom.

as its OEM ally, throughout the entire process of integrating advanced technology in its engines and safety for the operator, making vehicles more efficient in the market and respectful with the environment, to position itself ahead of the competition.

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