Temperature Monitor

Cold Chain and Comfort Monitoring

Monitors and insures
compliance with the cold chain.

Our temperature sensor maintains detailed control of ambient temperature ranges in different regions of the vehicle unit using sensors, either in a passenger bus or a cold box delivery truck.

Temperature monitoring is essential to keep a detailed control and avoid fines and food waste or other loads in the cold chain, in compliance with the Law on the Modernization of Food Safety and good practices for the distribution of pharmaceutical products.


Guarantees quality of delivery

The sensors make it possible to collect information on the condition of the goods,
which helps to better control the temperature in different regions of the vehicle.

Easy visualization of the temperature data collected by the sensors in the platform measurement report, with georeferenced temperature records.


Our Temperature Monitor solution makes it easy to obtain
detailed information about the entire trip, reducing risk
and helping to ensure return on investment.

Automation of monitoring and notifications linked in each record with real-time GPS information for timely decision making.

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