Temperature Monitor

Monitor and ensure
cold chain compliance!

Didcom TPM is a cold chain monitoring solution, through digital temperature sensors connected to the GO device to send the data collected in near real time.

Easily view the temperature data collected by the sensors in the engine measurements report section in MyGeotab. All temperature logs are georeferenced and exceptions can be notified in real time.
Up to 6 temperature sensors connected simultaneously

Temperature records log

Usage monitoring and
compressor status
IOX protocol
Ready-to-use design

Fully Integrated with MyGeotab

Available in Marketplace


  • Configuration and settings of rules and notifications
  • Measuring range -40°F to 85°F
  • Opening supervision and door closure (optional)
  • Humidity monitoring (optional)

Temperature-sensitive goods supervision and compliance

Supervise and secure the temperature-sensitive goods transport with temperature sensors in order to provide precise and trustful cold chain traceability to ensure regulatory compliance.

This solution provides detailed information about the entire trip, reducing compliance risks and helping to ensure return on investment.


Fines reduction and less
merchandise rejection

cargo control

Detail temperature log
for cold chain audit

Elimination of costs due
to deterioration claims

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