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Connecting innovation to empower Fleet Management

Didcom is a prominent engineering and technological development company with a history of more than 15 years in the market and a solid international presence. We are dedicated to providing specialized technological solutions that drive digital transformation in transportation management.

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Expanding technological potential

We offer innovative technological solutions, from design to successful implementation.
Our extensive catalog meets both global and specific needs in the motor transportation sector.

Highly flexible and customizable solutions that drive Digital Transformation in the industry's Fleet Management, allowing agile adaptation to changing challenges

Monitoring and precise cargo vehicle fleets measure

Increase the safety and profitability of the operation, ensuring the efficient use of resources and guaranteeing a punctual and high-quality service for the end customer.

Transportation technologies that guarantee safer passengers, drivers and trips

Solutions for monitoring and control of boarding, descent and capacity supervision in transport to guarantee punctuality, safety and maximum service satisfaction.

Guarantee complete customer satisfaction with intelligent business models for maximum efficiency in your operation

Optimize routes, times and increase the punctuality and productivity of your fleets, generating savings and greater profitability for the company.

Optimize the control and monitoring of your vehicle fleets to increase productivity and reduce operating costs

Ensures a long useful life for your units with low maintenance costs, guaranteeing effective, efficient and more profitable service.

Ensures timely compliance and maximum performance to guarantee quality service

Provide exceptional care with maximum resource efficiency, monitoring the optimal condition of your units.

Our products

Our offering covers a wide range of tools designed
drive the growth and success of trucking companies


Wireless Sensor Monitoring


Cold Chain & Comfort Monitor


Remote Actuator Monitoring







Didcom specializes in offering technological solutions to help transportation companies meet the challenge of Digital Transformation.

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We are consolidated
leaders in the sector!

Large brands in the transportation industry and vehicle manufacturers trust our experience, expanding our influence globally, reaching various countries as a distinctive and unique solution, satisfying a wide variety of needs in the market.

We are experts in Software and Hardware Development and Integration for the Geotab ecosystem, technological products that increase productivity and safety, promoting the optimization of your fleet in accordance with constantly evolving fleet management standards.

We are a
Great Place to Work!

We are proud to be part of the ranking of Great Place to Work® Mexico companies that stand out nationally and internationally for their work culture and human relations.

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