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Telematics for
Automotive Fleets

Driver Face ID for
security on the road

AI and HD Video for Monitoring Risks
and ensure safe Driving Habits.
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Big Data to turn information
into a business advantage

Take advantage of valuable information about the condition and performance of your vehicles. Learn more

Speed up to 65%
problem solving

Real time correction to improve
operation and service.
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Reduce up to 29%
risky driving habits

Predictive risk management analysis
to avoid incidents along the way.
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Telematics for Automotive Fleets

We develop custom technology!

Didcom is an engineering and technological development company with more than 13 years of experience, focused on offering specialized solutions for the automotive transport sector.


Maximum operational performance
with minimum resources.



Effective management strategy
and assertive decisions in the fleet.



Prevention of risks at the wheel
and reinforcement of road compliance


Connecting Telematics to Business

We help you to visualize and analyze the operation of your business to make better decisions.


Guarantee the compliance and
of your units.


and preventive monitoring of unexpected maintenance.


Detection of critical trends for saving and responsible consumption.


Proactive evaluation and training to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Plan and optimize to strengthen compliance and reputation.


Ascent and descent security according to the contracted service.


Correct coupling
and assurance of the cold chain.


Advanced scheduling and forecasting to reduce costs and downtime.


Delimited operation perimeters to notify unauthorized accesses and exits.


Predictive risk management analysis to avoid incidents on the road.


Configuration and compliance for the benefit of the operation.


Real-time correction to improve operation and service.

Specialized solutions for your business

We provide telematics solutions oriented to each sector of the industry.



Solutions for monitoring and control of boarding, descent and supervision of transport capacity to guarantee punctuality and safety.



Accurate monitoring and measurement of cargo vehicle fleets, increases the safety and profitability of the operation with a high quality service.

Last Mile


Guarantee complete customer satisfaction with smart business models for maximum efficiency in your operation.



Ensure the punctual and timely supply of your fleets, integrating telematics solutions to reduce costs and increase profitability.



Optimize the control and monitoring of your vehicle fleets to increase productivity and ensure a long useful life for your units.

Didcom IOT Platform, Business Intelligence to optimize the management of your fleet.

Didcom IOT is a modular multiplatform with Big Data technology that facilitates communication, the flow of information, the management of devices and the functionality of the applications, allowing to make changes, scale the operation and respond to incidents in a centralized way.

Innovation in unique solutions tailored to the customer's need.

Technology at the software, hardware and firmware level to maintain control in the different stages of development, based on three fundamental pillars: compatibility, flexibility and growth.

Didcom is one of the Best Places to Work in Mexico

Thanks to each of our collaborators at Didcom, we were able to be part of a ranking of companies that stand out nationally and internationally for their work culture and human relations.

Geotab Authorized Resellers for more than 10 years.

We are experts in creating, developing and integrating solutions for the Geotab ecosystem, with extensive knowledge of the structure and functionality to create unique hardware and software solutions.

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